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Nutritional Supplements for the Later Years of Life

Posted by David Ghiorso, CPA, July 1, 2016

As you get older, nutrition becomes more important than ever, especially since good nutrition helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to enjoy an active retirement lifestyle, then you need to take a close look at the foods you are eating and the supplements you are using.

Why are Supplements Necessary?

Even if you are following a healthy diet, it is likely that your body lacks some of the important vitamins and nutrients that are needed for optimal health. People of all ages can suffer from nutrient deficiencies, but these problems seem to get worse with age.

As you age, the body has a harder time breaking down food to get the nutrition that is needed. For example, it is common for aging adults to suffer from calcium deficiencies, which can have a negative impact on bone density. When bone density weakens, then a person is more susceptible to broken bones and fractures.

These types of nutrient deficiencies can be easily overcome by adding high-quality supplements into your daily routine. Since the body is having a hard time getting the vitamins and minerals that are needed, you can quickly ramp up your consumption of those things by using certain types of supplements.

What Types of Supplements Should You Take?

Many aging adults find it beneficial to use a daily multi-vitamin to get all of the most important nutrients. Make sure that you are getting calcium for bone health, vitamin C for an immune boost, and the B-vitamins for overall health and wellness.

Before you start taking any supplements, the best thing that you can do is talk with your doctor. Certain types of supplements can interfere with prescription medications, so it is best to use supplements while under the care of a trained medical professional. Additionally, your doctor might suggest certain types of supplements based on your individual health concerns.

Most supplements are over-the-counter, but it is still important to maintain good health insurance coverage to help with doctor’s visits and other medical expenses. For more information about the best insurance policies for aging adults, contact our team and we will help you choose the right insurance plan for your needs.

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